We wholesale to a variety of retailers including businesses, grocery stores, coffee shops, restaurants, breweries and bars.

Kegs & Cans

We sell our premium, handcrafted kombucha in 1/6 BBL(5.2 gallon) sanke D stainless steel kegs and by the case (24, 12 oz. aluminum cans). Year-round and seasonal flavors are available.

Barrel-aged Kombucha Vinegar is also available by the case (12, 12.7 oz. corked glass bottles).

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We are craft-conscious in all aspects of the brewing process including distribution. Our kombucha is raw and unpasteurized making it sensitive to temperature, light and time. In addition, due to natural fermentation it contains trace amounts of alcohol (less than 0.5% ABV). We self-distribute our kombucha under refrigeration to protect the freshness and nuanced flavor, while maintaining the low alcohol content.

We also partner with Idaho Wine Merchant for distribution to chain stores and northern Idaho.